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The Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury often attracts press coverage when it issues reports. By law, CGJ investigations are strictly confidential. The reports alone represent the bulk of the CGJs communications with the public, though the foreperson or a designee can give limited information if news reporters seek an interview within a short timeframe after a report is issued.

Our Santa Clara County Chapter of the California Civil Grand Jurors’ Association, however, exists in part to monitor whether, and how, governmental agencies are or are not adopting report recommendations. As former (and in some cases current) civil grand jurors, we do and must follow the confidentiality mandates. That, however, leaves room for our association to issue some commentaries.

In this section of our website, we’ll provide links to our published commentaries and to news stories that mention CGJ reports.

Mountain View Voice: What’s It Like to Serve on Grand Jury

In this Aug. 16, 2022, article, two members of the Santa Clara County Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’ Association give an overview of grand jury service. The insights are geared to anyone who has ever mulled applying to serve on the civil grand jury. Check out this article.

SJ Spotlight Op-ed: Support Change in VTA Governance

This article appeared in the Dec. 24, 2021, San Jose Spotlight. It’s been an impossibly rough year for the Valley Transportation Authority. Perhaps, however, that makes it the right time for changes in governance that a recent civil grand jury recommended and that a state lawmaker is championing. Here is the link.

Mercury News Commentary: Density is Our Destiny

This article appeared in the Jan. 10, 2020, edition of the San Jose Mercury News. It can be read below and also via this link.

VTA Report

Three former elected officials followed up on the 2018-19 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury report on the VTA to recommend changes in the transit agency’s governance, in this March 29, 2021, commentary in the San Jose Mercury News.

Alum Rock School District

County media outlets have frequently referenced the 2017-18 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury report on the Alum Rock School District and Board. One example is this June 10, 2021, San Jose Mercury News article on the school district suing four former board members.

Police Crisis Intervention Training

Santa Clara County law enforcement agencies have picked up the pace in training officers to deal with mental health crises, but in a commentary that appeared in San Jose Spotlight on May 17, 2021, the SCC CGJA said continued improvements are imperative.

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