Meetings Recaps

May 28, 2021, Meeting

County Supv. Susan Ellenberg was our special guest. In a nutshell, she believes the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury is underutilized. That is, she believes there needs to be more general awareness of the CGJ reports, and that report recommendations and findings should get more attention. She praised 2020 CGJ reports on the San Jose Unified School District, conservatorships and the dearth of female firefighters in Santa Clara County. All of those reports can be found here on the Superior Court Civil Grand Jury website.

July 30, 2021, Meeting

The Association identified three non-profits as good targets to encourage recruitment of a more diverse group of Grand Jury applicants: Grace Baptist Church, the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Assn. and the Filipino Neighborhood League. The Association also set up an introduction Zoom meeting with the current CGJ. Some members have posted to NextDoor the court’s press release seeking applications for the 2022 CGJ, and other members were encouraged to do likewise. The Association has begun preliminary work toward possibly resuming in-person monthly meetings, though just when that might happen remains unknown as the pandemic continues.

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